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[Illegibilus] Jennifer Adelaide Simms by 91AuF92 [Illegibilus] Jennifer Adelaide Simms by 91AuF92


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Name:Jennifer Adelaide Simms
Height:142 cm
Weight:38 kg
Birthday:May 5th


    ·         Shy: Jenny doesn’t try to be in everyone’s face or to be loud and heard.  She doesn’t seek attention and is more of a listener, but she can still talk to others, if she feels comfortable with them around; she may just not be the first one to strike up a conversation with someone or introduce her right away.

    ·         Non-confronting: Jenny can’t stand double-dealers or intolerant people, most of all because she just doesn’t understand, what makes people act like that, but on the other hand Jenny can’t stand confrontations either, so she just goes to ignore those people and turn her back on them.  Only exception! She will stand her ground, if the injustice or intolerance is pointed against someone else, who is not able to protect themself.

    ·         Soft-hearted:  She has a soft heart and is very sympathetic, which leads her into trouble sometimes; She can’t resist helping someone she sees in trouble, suffering or in need, and has to act. Even if she is not willing to waste her energy to protect herself of intolerance or injustice (She simply ignores most of it, not wanting to waste her time on such bullying idiots), she is always willing to help others.

    ·         Knowledge of human nature:  Jenny is everything, but naïve. She can often see through people and decides from the first statement if she will be able to like this person or if she will try to avoid them.

    ·         Organized:  She likes to be organized and prepared. Jenny is always up to new things and can be spontaneous, but when it comes to homework or her future, she likes to think in foresight. She will also take great care of her stuff, so that you will never find her part of the dormitory in a mess.

    ·         Loyal:  Jenny will always stay true to her values, family and friends. For Jenny herself that’s the most important thing. Only if she is true to herself and loyal to others, she will be able to live her life without regrets. She hates her father for not being loyal to his own standards and for running away. For her Loyalty id the basic of every worthy relationship (friendship, partnership or leadership). She will never hold dear a contact to someone, who isn’t loyal. If she doesn’t see loyalty in a person, there is simply no way for her to trust said one.

    ·         Indecisive:  Jenny has a lack of decision and firmness, especially under pressure. It doesn’t matter if it is something important, like what to do with her life after school or something as simple as what to eat first during the Welcome Feast at Hogwarts, it will just take her ages to decide.

    ·         Honest: She is a very honest person and always tells the truth, even to his or her own detriment. Mostly because she simply can’t lie at all. You will always notice immediately, if she tries to tell you a lie due to the corners of her mouth, which shut tight and shake a little, as soon as she lies. So she would never lie into someone’s face, but she tends to only telling parts of the truth, if someone would be hurt by it.


Like everyone’s story, Jenny’s begins with her parents. Her father, Scott Simms, is a pureblood wizard, who worked part-time as a home-school tutor, while writing his own books. But since his books never sold, home-school tutor became his only job. During a holiday in Ireland he fell in love with a beautiful woman, who owns a muggle book shop. This woman, Susannah Loxton, knew everything about the wizarding world; even so she isn’t a witch herself. Susannah Loxton is a Squib and therefor disregarded in the wizarding world. Nevertheless her family accepts that fact. So Susannah learned to live in both worlds; the wizarding one as well as the muggle one. She attended an ordinary school in Dublin, while she was surrounded by magic at home. When she was old enough, she opened her own book shop, where you won’t find a single magical book under all those muggle stories. Blinded by love Scott and she got married right away and soon after, Susannah got pregnant. Susannah left Ireland and her book shop to move to Fawley, a village in Hampshire, England, with her husband. Scott though couldn’t bear the pressure he got from his family for marrying a Squib and their relationship didn’t last long. Scott left his pregnant wife, when their daughter Jenny was almost two years old and never searched contact to his family again. Rumours have it though that he married a pureblood witch, with whom he got one child – a Squib.  She stayed in Fawley, where she quickly found a job in a little book shop at the end of the street. She can’t say that she earns as much money as she did, when she owned her own book shop, but it’s enough to keep the family healthy and happy.

Jenny was born in Fawley and is still living there with her mother and her younger brother, Benjamin. She has no contact to her father, but a great relationship to her aunt, Belinda Loxton (An ambitious witch, who works as Healer in St. Mungos, specialised on animal bites), though, who visits them at least once a month.

Also the older neighbours seem to love the very polite girl. The kids in her neighbourhood like her as well, but they still don’t like to spend too much time with her, because she is often tongue-tied around them and therefor no real fun. Nevertheless they will go to her, when they need help or there is simply nothing better to do. Jenny simply can’t refuse help, if there is someone who needs it. Her mother couldn’t teach her magic, but she strongly placed value on morals. That’s something that seemed always very important in the Loxton family in general. Maybe due to her mother being a Squib, Jenny isn’t sure about that, but her family never could stand people, who are intolerant and injustice.

During one of her aunt’s visits, Belinda accidentally tripped over and almost hit her head at the edge of a table, but said table moved quickly out of the way. Jenny stared wide-eyed at the scene, not understanding what just happened. She just noticed her aunt, recovered from the shock, smiling, when her mother hugged her tight. Jenny was seven years old, when her mother and aunt noticed the signs of her magic and explained everything to her. Magic wasn’t a secret for Jenny, even before she got seven, since her aunt always used it during her visits, but it took her a while to understand that she could do it too.

Her mother and herself lived actually very muggle like, so she knows about magic theoretically, but had less experiences with it in practical way.  Since she knows that she’s magical like her aunt, she is very excited to change that. She will always ask her aunt to teach her, but said one will decline, only showing her some little tricks and telling her that she will learn the rest at school soon enough.

Jenny is eager to go there and learn how to use magic properly, but she is also slightly scared. Her mother seems so proud of her and always says that she is relieved that the magical gene is only skipping her and not ending with her that Jenny is afraid to fail as a witch and with it disappoint her mother. At the moment she holds the Hogwarts letter in her hands, the excitement wins though.

Jenny got Atlas from her aunt during their first visit in Diagon Alley, so she could write home at least once a week.

════════════════════════════Likes & Dislikes:════════════════════════════

√ Hot Chocolate

√ Writing

√ Flying

√ Quidditch 

√ Magical Creatures

√ Honest People

× Confrontations

× Violence

× Being under pressure

× Board Games (she gets easily bored with them)

× Hypocrites 

× Wesps

════════════════════════════Spells & School :════════════════════════════



Elective Classes&Extra Curricular:


════════════════════════════Wand & Pet:════════════════════════════

Wand Ingredients:

〖Core:〗Phoenix Feather

〖Lenght:〗11 in


〖Flexibility:〗Slightly Springy





〖Personality:〗Helpful/Affectionate/Neat and Tidy/Can be a little diva, if something doesn’t go like she wants it too



► Mother 〖Susannah Simms (born Loxton)〗Squib

► Father 〖Scott Simms〗Half-Blood

► Brother 〖Benjamin Simms〗Half-Blood

► Aunt〖Belinda Loxton〗Half-Blood


Axel Evelyn

Axel is a wonderful person. I had such a nice day with her and I would love to consider her and Cheesecake my friends! <3

Arisu Ashworth

She is kind of special. I've never met her and just talked. She is dragging me into a lot of trouble, but I really like her.

Corey Martenot

I can't help but liking him. He seems very nice and he is really funny. I hope we find his rat.

Oliveria J. Rulstein

She can be quite heavy, but she seems to be such a nice person.

Alice Barry

She seems to be really nice. I just met her once though.

Samuel Morse

Omg. I made such a fool of myself in front of him. I guess he doesn't like me very much.

════════════════════════════Extra Information:════════════════════════════

    ·         She is someone who sticks to the rules (They exist for reasons.)

    ·         Talks to herself, when she is bored or alone

    ·         She eats very slowly

    ·         She doesn't see a problem in giving back as you are given (but she is mostly avoiding confrontations)

    ·         She’s highly afraid of wesps

    ·         She has no green thumb -> Herbology is her weakest subject

    ·         She will join Hufflepuff's Quidditch Team, when she is a fourth year. 

              (She needs the years before to earn some confidence to play under pressure.)

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